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Incredible Advertising....French company selling caned product with an image of Big Temple in Tanjore!!!!
18th century photo of Nagore Dargah. minaret's which are seen were built by maratha maharajah pratap singh of thanjavur Nagore Dargah (also called as Hazrat Syed Shahul Hameed Dargah) is a dargah built over the tomb of the Sufi saint Hazrath N agore Shahul Hamid (1490–1579 CE). It is located in Nagore, a coastal town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Shahul Hamid is believed to have performed many miracles in Nagore, and cured the physical affliction of king Achutappa Nayak, a 16th-century Hindu ruler of Thanjavur. He is locally referred as Nagore Andavar, meaning the "god of Nagore". Nagore dargah as it stands now, is believed to be built by ardent devotees of Shahul Hamid, with major contribution from Hindus. There are five minarets in the dargah, with the Hindu Maratha ruler of Thanjavur Pratap Singh (1739–1763 CE), building the tallest minaret. The dargah is a major pilgrim centre in the region that attracts pilgrims from both Islam and Hinduism, symbolizing p
St.Xavier's Industrial School - The First Craft Training School established in Thanjavur. 1906. The Salesians of Don Bosco arrived in Thanjavur in 1906, led by Fr. George Tomatis. They took charge of an orphanage and started an Industrial school (Now St.Xaviers ITI in Pookara Street area, Thanjavur) for the youth. However, they were unable to continue their mission in Thanjavur after 1928. They returned in the year 1983 to start Don Bosco School at Yagappa Nagar. This picture should have been taken in the vicinity now occupied by St.Xavier's ITI & St.St. Antony's School, Thanjavur.
happy diwali
yesterday (11-10-2014) was the 17th anniversary of our museum.  #maharajahserfoji2memorialhallmuseum  which is in sadar mahal palace was declared open for the public viewing on 11-10-1997. sadar mahal palace was founded by prince Tulajendra rajah bhosl e 4th descendent of maharajah serfoji ll, in order to preserve the heritage of the illustrious maratha royal dynasty of thanjavur and also to preserve the remaining antiques of rajah serfoji ll, he had formed the trust and had proposed to open a museum at "sadar mahal" in the palace premises in the name of "Maharajah Serfoji ll memorial hall" it was inagurated by the thanjavur district collector Mr.Jaikodi. Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur -admin-
              237th birth anniversary of maharajah serfoji    ll 237th birth annivarsary of maharajah serfoji ll was celebrated in thanjavur sangeeth mahal on 24th september 2014, in the presence of prince shivaji rajah bhosle the senior current head of thanjavur maratha royal family, thanjavur collector N.subbaiyan, tamil university Vice chancellor M,thirumalai, thanjavur district panchayat chairperson, R. amutha ravichandran, thanjavur mayor Savitri gopal, tanjore M.L.A Rengasamy , TCWS (thanjavur co-operative society) chairman  were also involved in the function. from left, thiru. Sankaranarayanan, prince shivaji rajah bhosle, M.thirumali (V.C, tamil university) collector N.subbaiyan, mayor savitri gopal, district panchayat chairperson Amudha ravichandran, and TCWS chairman prince shivaji rajah Bhosle receiving the first copy of the book from collector who is also the director of TMSSML, which was published by TMSSML and released on that special occasion than
Namestey, 9-10-2014 was the first anniversary of our facebook page. since one year has completed successfully and we have reached over 3,700+ likes. thank you for your support and also for being interacting with our page since it was founded. t he main aim to create this page is to bring awareness to the heritage monuments of thanjavur among the youths and also to expose the pride of thanjavur maratha kings and their contributions to their town. please continue to be with us and share our page with your colleagues, friends, and family to spread the richness of our heritage town. regards, admin prince. Pratap sinha Rajebhosle (Rana) Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur
rare photo: ten years old prince of thanjavur H.H shrimath rajasree pratap simha Rajah bhosle [1889-1969 A.D] (great grandson of rajah serfoji  ll)   with  maharani Varahiambabai rani saheb (wife of last king of thanjavur,  shivaji    ll) this photograph was took in 1899 A.D      Photo courtesy: admin's private collections, copyrights with admin,    pratap sinha rajebhosle  (Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur)