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vintage photography shows the celebration of 60th birth anniversary of Bapasaheb Surve at sadar mahal palace,thanjavur. this ceremony was made in a grand manner said to be before 1960's by prince. Pratap simha rajah Bhosle for bapa saheb surve who was his brother in law. in the picture, Prince Pratap simha Raja saheb with his sons Prince H.H Tulajendra Raja bhosle and H.H Maloji rajah bhosle are seen. P.C: Admin's Private Collections
copyrights reserved Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur

WORTH SHARING, Chatrapathi Shivaji's visit to chennai: Chatrapathi Shivaji maharajah visited goddess Kali temple in chennai on 3rd october 1677 A.D. only few of them know that. The Kalikambal temple in North Chennai is one of the historic landmarks in a prime area at the city of Chennai. Originally located near the seashore, it was relocated to its current location in Thambu Chetty Street during the British rule in 1640. Chatrapathi Shivaji is said to have stayed in the nearby Armenian Street during his visit to Chennai. Article published by the Hindu relating chatrapathi's visit to Chennai, worth read…/when-shivaji-ca…/article790562.ece photo courtesy: Admin, Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur

Prof Manick's talk on maharajah serfoji ll and his family: Trekking club of chennai organised an one day workshop on heritage monuments and its importance. on 1-3-2015. Prof Manick's Topic was on Temples and gave an valuable speech on ancient Temples, Sculptures and also its history of orgin. Prof Manick also included thanjavur maratha maharajah serfoji ll's Cauvery yatra and also gave an brief description on thanjavur Maratha royal family. this video was captured by prince Pratap sinha Rajebhosle during his presence at the seminar. the photos displayed on the screen were taken from the private album collection of Prince Pratap.. Prof Manick's next act is to find out the temples which were visited by maharajah serfoji ll during his yatra. he also gained support from the chennaities to join his hands for the task of finding those temples and also for the respect to Tamil Nadu maratha Scholar King serfoji ll.…
The Kalyana Mahal Chathram, was renovated by maharajah Serfoji II after his Varanasi pilgrimage, is in a stunning location on the Kaveri river bank and is currently the premises of a music college. The balusters in the roof are remarkable stucco work, and mimic the gooseberry in the finial designs. Though rapidly degenerating, one can see faint traces of frescoes on some walls. These frescoes in their heyday must have been gorgeous sights since they are large and inset with mirror pieces that reflect the muted light that fall on them.

source: the hindu
छत्रपती घराण्याचे व समर्थ रामदास स्वामींचे जुने संबंध आहेत परंतु आजही ते भावबंध कसे टिकून आहेत याचे उत्तम उदाहरण म्हणजे छत्रपतींच्या तंजावर घराण्याचे सध्याचे वंशज युवराज प्रतापसिंहराजे भोसले! (रूढ नाव-राणाप्रताप)
पंचविशीतला हा तरुण युवराज इतका साधा रहातो की मोटरसायकलवरून तंजावरात फ़िरणा-या या युवराजाकडे अखंड दक्षिण हिंदुस्थानावर राज्य करणा-या एका महापराक्रमी घराण्याचे वारसपण आहे हे कुणालाही न कळावे!
यांचा सर्वोत्तम गुण म्हणजे समर्थ रामदास स्वामींच्या चरणी असलेली असीम निष्ठा!
तंजावरच्या शरभोजीराजे भोसले संग्रहालयाचे व आशियातील सर्वात समृद्ध ग्रंथालय असलेल्या सरस्वती महाल ग्रंथालयाचे पालकत्व स्वीकारून यांनी त्यांचे पुनरुत्थान सध्या आरंभिले आहे...
अत्यंत नम्र स्वभावाच्या या युवराजांचे आपल्या सर्व उपक्रमात अत्यंत मोलाचे पाठबळ असते! यांना छायाचित्रणाचाही छंद आहे.

गतवर्षी तमिळनाडूतल्या एका संस्थेने आयोजित केलेल्या एका फ़ेसबुक छायाचित्र स्पर्धेत यांच्या एका अतिदुर्मिळ तंजावरी हस्तलिखिताच्या चित्रास सर्वाधिक लाईक्स मिळूनही केवळ द्रविड-आर्य वादाला चटावलेल्या घातकी वृत्तीमुळे यांना उपविजेतेपद दिले गेल…