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MAHARAJAH SERFOJI ll 's PRINTING PRESS: the logo of the press established by maharajah serfoji ll called the "Navavidya Kalasala Varnayantra". maharajah serfoji ll started the first printing press in 1805 in Thanjavur with Devanagari  script called Navavidya kalasala varnayantra for producing copies of all great works in languages for wider use and circulation among public. The journal entitled ‘Indian Antiquary’ volume-1, published in 1872 mentions that the Serfoji’s printing press was the earliest printing press, which was started for Devanagari script printing in whole south India. The Types and blocks were prepared using soft stone and hard wood. Even today the saraswathi mahal library preserves some of the books printed in press.The Maratha kings started chatrams for catering and other physical needs of the pilgrims. Raja Serfoji II started school attached to the most of the chatrams under his control and imparted free education to village children. For the use of l
thanjavur district collector Mr.N.Subbiyan and prince Shivaji rajah Bhosle (senior member of thanjavur maratha royal family) at Maratha darbar hall (which was built by maharajah shahaji ll) during the Palace Development Committee Meeting which was held on November 5th 2014 at Durbar Hall, Palace Complex,
the front gopuram (the entrance tower to a temple) of brahadeshwara temple built in maratha period during their rule in thanjavur. the gopuram's pyramidal shape denotes a tongue of fire, on either side of the gopuram are usually found images of two ladies representing Ganga and Yamuna. thus when the devotee crosses the gopuram, he or she is symbolically cleansed by fire and water-the two most sacred elements for hindus.
antique rare potrait of maharajah serfoji ll with his wife maharani Saguna bai rani sahib. copyrights reserved Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur
tanjore painting of maharajah shivaji ll, the last king of thanjavur. (copyrights reserved)
a very rare five feet tall statue of maharajah serfoji ll holding a lamp. courtesy: Raja dinkar kelkar museum.Pune   copyrights reserved
said to be sculptures of maharajah serfoji ll at hunaman temple in maela veedi tanjore. photo credits: sudharsan rao bhoware