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तमाम मराठी बांधवांसाठी गौरवास्पद लेख! शिवछत्रपतींच्या तंजावर गादीचे युवराज, श्रीमंत छत्रपती श्री प्रतापसिंहराजे भोसले यांच्या कार्यावर आधारित एक सुरेख लेख "द हिंदू" या वृत्तपत्रात आलेला आहे! "An Uncommon Prince" असे शीर्षक असलेल्या या लेखात युवराज प्रतापसिंहांचे समाजकार्याचे अतीशय सुरेख विष्लेशण करण्यात आलेले आहे. मराठ्यांच्या अभूतपूर्व इतिहासाच्या व तंजावर घराण्याच्या महान वारशाच्या प्रसाराचा ध् यास घेतलेल्या या राजपुत्राच्या साधेपणाबद्दलही लेखक लिहितात. ही मुलाखत देण्यासाठी तंजावरच्या रस्त्यांवरून सर्वसामान्यांप्रमाणे साध्या दुचाकीवर येणारा हा राजकुमार खरोखरीच श्री शिवरायांचा वंशज आहे हे त्यांनी स्वत: सांगितल्याशिवाय कळत नाही! इतका साधेपणा व सर्वसामान्यांमध्ये मिसळण्याची हातोटी लीलया बाळगणा-या या युवराजांचे महाराष्ट्राने नक्कीच करावे तितके कौतुक कमी आहे! युवराज आपणास आमचा मानाचा मुजरा! सदर लेखाचा दुवा--> features/friday-review/ history-and-culture/ pratap-sinha-rajebhosle-six th-descendant-of-maharaja- serfoji-ii-to-create-great er-awa
my interview in the hindu newspaper.  here is the link,
H.H raja sree srimanth Tulajendra rajah bhosle with C. Subramaniam at sadar mahal palace. C.subramaniam served as State and Central Minister and is acclaimed as a father of the Green Revolution.
original antique (18th century) tanjore painting of rajah serfoji 3 displayed at  Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur , rajah serfoji 3, son of king shivaji ll last ruler of thanjavur, ruled tanjore from 1832 to 1855 A.D photo courtesy: admin's private collections
maharajah serfoji ll 's memorial hall museum:  maharajah serfoji ll, a descendent of the great maratha rules and founder of maratha kingdom, chatrapathi shivaji the great, ruled thanjavur from 1798-1832 A.D prince Tulajendra rajah bhosle,  4th descendent of maharajah serfoji ll was living in thanjavur sadar mahal palace with his family, in order to preserve the heritage of the illustrious maratha royal dynasty of thanjavur and also to preserve the remaining antiques of rajah serfoji ll, he had formed the trust and had proposed to open a museum at "sadar mahal" in the palace premises in the name of "Maharajah Serfoji ll memorial hall". the museum was declared opened for the public viewing on 11-10-1997. the sadar mahal palace and sarjah mahal were constructed in the year 1824 A.D under western engineering talent. the sadar mahal palace where the museum is proposed was the residential quarters and the private durbar of rajah serfoji ll. the unique collections of
potrait of venkoji maharajah founder of maratha rule in thanjavur, who found the maratha line of his own in thanjavur . BRIEF HISTORY OF THE THANJAVUR MARATHA FAMILY: by,  Dr. vivek ananda gopal [history scholar] (PH.d in sanskrit, hindi, marathi, modi, english) The Brother of Great Shivaji called Venkoji alias Ekoji was born to Shahaji and tuka bai in Bengaluru Sahir and he was working under the Sultan of Bijapur during 1676 A. D. When there was a war between the Madurai Alagiri and Thanjavur Vijayaraghava Nayak the latter was killed in the war and the Minister Rayasam Venkanna took Sengamala Dass, the grandson of Vijayaraghava to the Sultan of Bijapur Adil Shah asked help to drew Alagiri. Therefore, Bijapur Sultan sent Ekoji , the valiant General to lead Bijapur army to Thanjavur. Vyankoji conquered Alagiri, but Chengamala Dass was weak and unable to rule the country. He himself flew away and the Minister Venkanna asked Vyankoji to take the throne. Since then, the Marathas ruled Tha
prince raja sree shrimant pratap simha rajah bhosle (1889 A.D to 1969 A.D) great grandson of maharajah serfoji 2
hunting and other activities of maharajah serfoji ll :  @rights reserved  maharajah serfoji ll was fond of hunting and frequently he went on shooting trips. he bagged tigers, deers, boars and birds. he had a number of muskets and  guns in his personal armoury brought from europe. he maintained a half a dozen reserved forests where he went for shikar (hunting). the records show that he shot a number of tigers in the vicinity of thanjavur and the population gave him enthusiastic orations on his return with the trophies. all his reserved forests were under the control of watchman and supervised by the head of each forest to prevent poaching and unauthorised hunting. he had also a few hunting cheetas trained for hunting deers and boars. the cheetas or leapards were trained in stalking, so that the deer can be caught alive. he also reared a number of falcons (baj pakshi) which were also trained in hawking smaller games like rabbit, iguana, and birds. he adorned the cheetas and falcons wi
photo of 108 shiva lingas installed by rajah serfoji ll at brahadeshwara temple.  the first temple renovation of building activity of serfoji ll began with kumbhabishekam to the big temple in the third year of his reign. the consecreat ion of big temple was performed with great pamp and splendour. simultaneously in 1801, he built the vigneshwara temple and provided the artha and mahamandapam,he further laid brick flooring through out the corridor. he also installed 108 lingas brought from several places,in the outer corridor.he also gave valuable jewels, gold, and silver vessels and vahanams like two silver rishabha vahanam,kamala vahanam etc. the details of these offerings are inscribed on the outer walls of the vinayagar temple in marathi. @rights reserved Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur
prince shivaji rajah bhosle receiving a gift from actor jai shankar  photo duration: 1980's
prince shivaji rajah bhosle and former tanjore collector baskaran at art gallery
 19th century photo, showing prince tulajendra rajah P.bhosle with soundara rajan, health minister and soma sundaram, revenue minister of tamil nadu at the function organised by saraswathi mahal library. former board member of saraswathi mahal library prince Tulajendra rajah P.bhosle being honored in  tmssml