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Tamil Nadu Governor's visit to Saraswati Mahal library

2/1/2018 TamilNadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit visit to Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal library (TMSSML) . Accompanied by H.H Prince Shivaji Rajah Bhosle.,Trustee  (Life member) in the board of TMSSML and Thanjavur S.P, Senthil Kumar.      Photo courtesy: Ramachandran B Keskar

Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition book written by Prince Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle

Back and front cover of the book  Reviews :  "Altogether this book is a historical hand book for Thanjavur in general and contribution of Thanjavur Maratha Kings in particular. The author has included rare photographs and informations about Thanjavur that would be useful to researchers. There are many facts and figures listed out about the contributions of Marathas such as Thanjavur band, fusion in music and medicine, performing arts like poykkal kuthirai attam, introduction of western musical instruments like clarinet and violin etc." -   DR.P.PERUMAL., CONSERVATOR AND LIBRARIAN (RETD) THANJAVUR MAHARAJA SERFOJI'S SARASWATI MAHAL LIBRARY .  "I appreciate the author, my cousin for portraying the rich culture of this great land and praise him for his efforts.The Maratha flag is saffron in colour and it stands for simple living, high thinking and reminds us to live a life of Dharma for sustainable prosperity for all. The book deals with this lucidly