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Today (15-7-16) is Perunthalaivar Kamarajar's 114th Birthday.He was the only Chief Minster in Tamilnadu who served continuously for nine years (1954-1963) until he resigned voluntarily. On this special day we are sharing this rare picture  showing Kamarajar's (extreme left) visit to Brahadeshwara temple with Dr.Rajendra Prasad (second from right) former president of India. He was The first president of the Republic of India.   
Antique Statue of Chatrapathi Shivaji The great  
Mysore Maharaja H.H Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar's visit to Thanjavur Brahadeshwara Temple, year Unknown. He is accompanied with H.H Prince RajaRam Rajah Bhosle of Huzur Mahal palace,Thanjavur cousin of  Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle of Sadar Mahal Palace . H.H of Mysore was invited for lunch at Thanjavur  Palace and also visited the Palace during his visit to Thanjavur. P.C from the collections of Thanjavur Maratha Royal family Private album.
      Ganesh shrine inside Brahadeshwara temple campus built by king Serfoji the second in 1801 A.D.        Brahadeshwara Temple       
Brahadeshwara Temple Entrance Gopuram C.1910 Brahadeshwara Temple C.Unknown RajaGopalan Beerangi C.1908 Street Scene in Thanjavur C.1908  Courtesy: Archives from Admin's Private Collections West Main Street,Thanjavur c.1900's C.1908 Tanjore Palace,the arsenal Tower (Postal card) King Serfoji the second (printed postal card) Busy Street in Tanjore Photo Courtesy: Pestalozzi Educational View Co.
Happy Ramzan Nagore Dargah. One of the tallest Minaret's which is seen was built by maharajah Pratap Singh of Thanjavur (1740-1763 A.D). He built the tallest of the five minarets (called Periya Manara locally) with a height of 131 ft (40 m) once his wish was fulfilled.The Marathas of the later period were patrons to the dargah. Nagore Dargah (also called as Hazrat Syed Shahul Hameed Dargah) is a dargah built over the tomb of the Sufi Saint Hazrath Nagore Shahul Hamid (1490–1 579 CE). It is located in Nagore, a coastal town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Shahul Hamid is believed to have performed many miracles in Nagore, and cured the physical affliction of king Achutappa Nayak, a 16th-century Hindu ruler of Thanjavur. He is locally referred as Nagore Andavar, meaning the "god of Nagore". Nagore dargah as it stands now, is believed to be built by ardent devotees of Shahul Hamid, with major contribution from Hindus. There are five minarets in the dargah, wit
Ex- Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi's visit to Thanjavur Brahadeshwara Temple in the year 1965 A.D. next to Indira Gandhi, Prince Rajaram RajeBhosle of Huzur Mahal Palace cousin of Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle (Father of Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle founder of Serfoji Memorial Hall Museum) of Sadar Mahal Palace. Courtesy From The collections of Thanjavur Maratha Royal Family Private album.
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipati Jagatguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswami with Rajashri Pratapasimha Raja Saheb of Tanjore, Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhonsle and Prince Maloji Rajah Bhonsle.

Governor's visit to Brihadeshwara temple

                                                       Governor's visit to Brahadeshwara Temple,Thanjavur on 4/7/1955                
         Rare Painting of Maharaj Serfoji the second (1798-1832 A.D)                 
             Governor's visit to Brahadeshwara Temple,Thanjavur on 4/7/1955                

Our Website launch

  Thanjavur prince opens website on royals (click this link)                                    
                                                                            Thanjavur prince opens website on royals (click this link)