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snap took during prince Tulajendra rajah bhosle visit to THANJAVUR ART GALLERY
P.C: admin
chinese punishment. this was taken from an interesting book illustrated by twenty one engravings with foot notes both in english and french painted in 1804 in london. the punishments are gruesome and vigorous. ingenious methods ap pear to have been devised to torture the victims who had committed various offences according to the prevailing law of the lands. Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur
procession of tulaja rajah ll,. maharajah tulaja ll son of maharajah pratap singh ruled tanjore from 1763-1787 A.D, ruled for a quarter of a century during a very disturbed period in the history of the coramandal; paved the way for the  fall of the dynasty. his reignal period began when the seven years war had just ended and hyder ali's cavalry attacks on the carnatic had just started.the nawab of carnatic would not be content with anything less than the annexation of thanjavur to the history. the influence of british in thanjavur also become more pronounced.the combined forces of the east india company and the nawab attacked and took thanjavur in 1773 and thanjavur was under muslim rule till 1776.the court of directors in english questioned the conduct of east india company at madras in acting against tulaja 2, their friend and ally, and finally restored the maratha king to the throne. after this restoration thanjavur fell very much under the power of the english.his last days
prince pratap sinha rajebhosle with actor sayaji shinde at sadar mahal palace thanjavur
prince shivaji rajah bhosle with actor  Sayaji Shinde  during his visit to thanjavur sadar mahal palace
prince pratap simha rajah bhosle with vinoba bhave (social reformist)
painting of chatrapathi shivaji maharajah at sadar mahal palace. P.C: admin
maharajah serfoji   ll memorial hall   museum, sadar mahal palace thanjavur
present thanjavur collector N.Subbaiyan with prince shivaji rajah bhosle. snap took during the royal marriage reception ceremony of yuvraj H.H Amarjeet rajebhosle (son of H.H Sree shivaji rajah bhosle) at thanjavur
   opening inauguration of maharajah serfoji ll memorial hall museum maharajah serfoji ll memorial hall museum in sadar mahal palace was founded by prince Tulajendra rajah P.Bhosle and was inaugurated by tanjore district collector V.S jaikodi in 1997.   snap took during  prince Tulajendra rajah P.bhosle giving a momento to  collector V.S Jaikodi at sadar mahal palace report in hindu newspaper on 11-3-1997
painting of 6th king of thanjavur maharajah pratap singh, ruled thanjavur from 1740-1763 A.D and his son tulaja ll ruled thanjavur from 1763- 1787 A.D. 
painting of sujan bai at tanjore big temple.   MAharani SUJAN BAI  ruled thanjavur from 1737 A.D to 1738 A.D was the wife of Ekoji (alies baba sahib) the fifth ruler of Tanjavur and the son of TUkkoji 1. 
prince shivaji rajah T. bhosle, current senior head of thanjavur maratha royal family with congress minister G.K vasan during his visit to sadar mahal palace.
Falcon One of the birds of Rajah Serfoji II. The Nawab of Udayagiri presented it for the King to Bhujanga Rao and Hari Rao when they were sent to Hyderabad. Rajah Serfoji II had a real judge of a horse, a cool head and a deadly shot of the tiger. Serfoji had the Urdu book on Falconry "Bajinamah" which deals with the treatment of diseases of birds translated into Marathi.
 prince pratap sinha rajebhosle (Rana) [creator and admin of  maharajah serfoji ll memorial hall museum, facebook page and blogger]
FORMER MAHARASHTRA C.M SHARAD PAWAR VISIT TO SADAR MAHAL PALACE former chief minister of maharashtra, sharad pawar visited thanjavur sadar mahal palace for first time in 1989 in the presence of prince Tulajendra rajah P.bhosle prince tulajendra rajah bhosle and former C.M sharad pawar at sadar mahal palace snap took during their visit to tanjore brahadeshwara temple snap took during former C.M sharad pawar receiving a thanjavur painting from prince tulajendra rajah P.bhosle
FIFTH KING OF THANJAVUR,  EKOJI  (BABA SAHIB) fifth king of thanjavur, Maharajah Ekoji (baba sahib) ruled thanjavur from 1736-1737 A.D. eldest son of tukkoji maharajah, forth king of thanjavur. Baba sahib like his talented father was a sanskrit scholar. a wonderful encyclopaedia called prapanchamruta sara rajaranjini, rajanidhi (state law), pathivruta upakhyana, samashepa ramayana, pathivrutha dharma, and enakula thejonithy on an astrology are some of his works. even before he came to the throne he wrote two dramas in telugu are Ramayanam and vigneswara kalyanam. he ruled for only one year. after the death of ekoji, his brave and heroic queen, sujan bai sahib took over the control of the kingdom and placed herself on the throne of her husband and ruled over thanjavur territory as a sole and independent ruling queen since ekoji left no male heir to succeed him.the rule of sujan bai lasted for a couple of years and after her death, the people unanimously choose maharajah pratap s

A brief explanation on thanjavur and contributions of maratha scholar king 'maharajah serfoji ll' for our new pageviewer's :)

thanjavur is called the eden of the south. it deserves that name. its fertility is unbounded. it is the land in which hindu culture has made great centres of social and cultural life. great river flew through it, great cities adorn it. its temples are amongst the sacred  and architecturally superb ones. it was the seat of the cholas,nayakas, and ultimately the maratha dynasties. Rajah serfoji ll of the maratha dynasty ascended the throne in the year 1798 A.D and ruled until 1832 A.D. serfoji rajah invited learned scholars and distinguished poets from different parts of india to adorn his court. saraswathi mahal library is the living monuments for the glory of serfoji. he dedicated his life to make the library a treasure house of ancient manuscripts on all aspects of literature and art. many manuscripts are still being added. the library possesses about 4000 volumes of old books in english, greek, french, and italian printed in 18th century and acquired by raja serfoji ll. the books be
prince of thanjavur, shrimant Tulajendra rajah bhosle (1916 A.D-1999 A.D) son of shrimant pratap simha rajah bhosle chatrapathi born on 30th september 1916 and he had his early education in the maratha school and kalyanasundaram high scho ol at thanjavur. he was scholar in english and french and was well versed in tamil, english, marathi, and hindi languages. as a descendent of maharajah serfoji ll, he had a strong knowledge of the history of marathas of maharashtra and thanjavur. he was the senior most member in the royal family. he was holding the position of board of governor (life) of the saraswathi mahal library and member (treasurer) of the art gallery, thanjavur. he was also an lover of tanjore art and he himself worked on many royal potraits. he was interested in collecting coins and playing games particularly tennis and badminton. he was holding many positions in various fields. 1) thanjavur district court receiver as per O.S no.3/1919 for kottur thottam estate (royal famil
prince shrimanth raja sree pratap simha rajah bhosle (1889 A.D- 1969 A.D) great grandson of maharajah serfoji ll.