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Rare photo of a procession in Thanjavur (Tamilnadu) after India got its Independence (1947)

Procession in Thanjavur (TamilNadu) after India got Independence in the year 1947.  Photo courtesy: From our archive. Copyrights reserved. Follow us on Instagram for more rare photographs, @PrincelyTanjore. #Historicalpic #India #Independenceday #Thanjavur #Tanjore #Tamilnadu #Procession

Prince Pratap's article on Thanjavur Maratha kings

Prince Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle's article on Thanjavur Maratha Kings  published in 'Durg gad Killyancha' Marathi Magazine (4th edition).The article is translated  by Santhosh Jadhav.  Thanks to @hemantpundalikzunjarrao_ofcl and entire team.

King Serfoji II as a Patron and Composer

 He was a great writer of many fine works, author of many Kathas and Natakas as well.He was master in the science and art of music and dance.He had himself composed special dance compositions in Marathi for being utilised in the bharatanatyam program.  Himself an author of many sabda, varna, pada, svarajati, abinaya pada, tillana, gita, prabandha,  kavuttuvam, alaru, jatis and korvais, he patronised the famous exponents of dance (nattuvanars) during his life time namely Gangaimuttu, Sabhapati, Subbayan,  Ponnayya, Vadivelu,Cinnayya and Sundari. During his time, music and dance were also viewed as regular careers. He started a school for imparting oriental learning and this was the 'Nava Vidya Kalanidhi'. The Sangeet Mahal was used for holding the music concerts, dance performances and for artistic purposes. Sangeet Mahal was been alloted with Rs.5208  in the state budget for its maintenance.  One of his favorite court dancer named Sundari had a privilege to perform on Vi