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Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji spoke about Thanjavur Brihadeshwara temple in Mann Ki baat (Radio program)

Yesterday (26/8/18)  Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji spoke about Thanjavur Brihadeshwara temple in Mann Ki baat (Radio program). He told in his speech.... Would you believe if someone tells you that about a thousand years ago, an over sixty metres tall pillar of granite was built and another granite rock weighing about 80 tonnes was placed over its top.  But, Brihadeshwara temple of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is the place where this unbelievable combination of Engineering and Architecture can be seen. He has also said India takes great pride in the fact that Tamil is the most ancient of world languages. வாழ்க வளமுடன்! #ProudMoment We should feel proud of our heritage monuments, history and should preserve and safe guard it. It is our first pride. Jai hind.  Brihadeshwara Temple,Thanjavur.

Royal portrait did by H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle handed over to his grandson Prince Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle by a Chennai based numismatist

Posted by Prince Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle 👇👇 Today Chennai based numismatist, Venkataraman Prabhakar sir gifted me a portrait of my ancestor, King Serfoji III drawn and painted by my Grandfather, Prince.Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle. He got this portrait ten years back from an antique retailer. My grandfather was a lover of Tanjore art and he himself worked on many royal portraits. He did portraits of all the Maratha rulers of Thanjavur and some are still displayed at Sadar Mahal Palace's private museum.He signed all his completed portraits as T.R Bhosle (that means Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle).In this portrait he had mentioned the name of the King and the  year of his reign, my grandfather's signature is seen  and in extreme right, the relationship of him with the king (stated as grandfather). This portrait is drawn after  seeing  the authentic Tanjore painting of King Serfoji III which is at our Palace museum.  (Note: The numerical number after the name in the port

Tanjavarche Bhosale Gharane (Rasoi Magazine, Marathi)

Article on Prince Pratap and on Thanjavur Maratha Royal recipe in Rasoi Magazine (Mumbai,Maharashtra).PDF of this article is available, if anyone need it just drop your mail in comment.

Happy friendship day to all. King Serfoji II maintained friendship with dignitaries of various kingdoms during his time.

Happy friendship day to all. Swati Thirunal Maharaj of Travancore kept contact with King Serfoji II even before he came to the throne and exchanged scholars,musicians and even their personal compositions. The above  portrait of king Serfoji II in the photo (first half) was painted by Raja Ravi Varma. King Serfoji II's portrait was gifted to king frederik VI (second half first image in the above photo) who was the king of Denmark and Norway.The gifted portrait of King Serfoji II is today seen at National Museum of Denmark. Nawab of Udayagiri gifted King Serfoji II a falcon which is told to be one of his favorite falcon. The image of the falcon is at Tmssml (Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal library). King Serfoji II invited European dignitaries and the Thondaman Rajah of Pudukottai to witness his Cheeta's and falcon's hunt. Nawab of Arcot visited Thanjavur Palace during the reign of King Serfoji II and a salvo of 21 guns was fired from the rampar