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Marathas were not only Warriors but also Polymaths.

History has evidence to prove that Marathas were not only Warriors, but also Polymaths. We are proud of our great Indian kings who had contributed to our society and land. Their duties,achievements and sacrifaction will always be remembered though time or modern attitude of an individual towards our history or kings change. King Serfoji II  knew Marathi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam, in addition to Latin, Greek, French and English. He was a great scholar, who expanded his library (Sarasvati Mahal library) and brought approximate  400 books of science and technology from England,Europe, France and Germany. He was an astronomer, a naturalist and an educationist and even performed cataract surgeries. He was very advanced for his time. It is said that he used a Kuravanji drama to teach geography.

Maharashtra Times, Nagpur Edition

Article about Prince Pratap Sinh's work  in Maharashtra Times, Nagpur edition.