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Students document ruined maratha structures in TamilNadu.

Click here to read "Those days pilgrims from North India would come to Rameshwaram on foot, or on carts.It was difficult for them to meet their basic needs.To address this issue, Maratha rulers built about 20 Chatrams with a tank in Thanjavur alone"- Selvaraj Nayakkavadyar, heritage activist. Today most of the chatrams are not well maintained and been least bothered by the concerned government authorities. They are left to get vanished completely. Steps are been taken by private NGOs and  locals   to bring importance and awareness on it and for preserving it. Most of the Maratha structures or Heritage  (Kailash Mahal alias Raja Gori, some to be named) in Thanjavur are least bothered and left to dissipate. Most of the Maratha structures and heritage monuments  are already been ruined.