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H.H Jayamala Rani Saheb and Sucheela Raje Saheb

Her Highness Jayamala Rani Saheb, wife of Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle and H.H Sucheela Raje Saheb, wife of H.H Prince Maloji Raje Bhosle. Both were the daughter in-laws of H.H Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle (great grandson of King Serfoji II).
Photo duration: 1950s.

Photo courtesy: Shivraj Shitole.

Prince Shivaji Rajah Bhosle of Thanjavur has been elected as the president of Hindavi Swarajya Mahasangh- an association of royal families in India.

Thank you for participating and congratulations to the winner.

Posted on 11th October 2019:

Today is the 22nd anniversary of our museum 'Maharajah serfoji II memorial hall, Sadar Mahal Palace Thanjavur 613009'. To mark this day, we had a contest for photographers. Thank you for participating and we have selected one photograph. The above  posted photograph has been choosed and that was submitted by Mr. Dinesh Soni. Congratulations @dinno_da (the winner's instagram I'd) and your surprise gift is on its way.

Photo caption: King Serfoji II's marble idol sculpted by Flaxman at Art Gallery, Thanjavur Palace complex.

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Tag us your photographs on Instagram or facebook and win a surprise gift.

Maharajah Serfoji II memorial hall is going to reach its twenty second year on 11/10/2019. To commemorate its 22nd anniversary, we have decided to present a best photograph captured on Thanjavur Palace complex or premises (note: Heritage monuments, views and scenes, not personal or individual pictures that are been posed for  modelling or as a model), a surprising gift on that  day. Post your photographs on Thanjavur Palace complex on instagram or facebook and tag us, i.e @Princelytanjore or use hashtag #PrincelyTanjore. On facebook mention our page, @Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur. You can also email us your photographs to