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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all.Prince Pratap Sinha RajeBhosle's article featured in U.S.A based Marathi Culture and festivals Diwali 2017 Magazine. Thanks to Aishwarya Kokatay ji founder and Managing editor Marathi culture and festivals Los Angeles,CA,U.S.A.

Article on literary works of Thanjavur Maratha Kings published in LokaPrabha Magazine dated 16th January 1998.

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Article on Saraswati Mahal Library in Maharashtra Times dated 5/5/1983

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi (2/10/17). Gandhi's note written on Thanjavur Maratha Prince

Happy #GandhiJayanthi. The Father of our Nation stood for non-violence and peace. And he believed that nothing but the truth shall prevail. Note written by Mahatma Gandhi on Thanjavur Prince, H.H Rajaram RajeBhosle of Huzur Mahal Palace.,hereditary trustee of Thanjavur Palace Devastanam. "H.H Prince Rajaram Raje Saheb is the Prince and Hereditary trustee of Thanjavur Palace Devastanams.He has 90 temples under his Charge including the famous temple called Sri.Brihadeshwara.He has thrown open all these temples to harijans as a purely voluntary act of reparation to harijans ans thus hastened the process of purification that Hinduism is going through.It is a great and good thing that this Raja saheb has done. He deserves the congratulations of all those who believe that untouchability is a blot on "Hinduism" Segaon, Dated 29-7-1939 (Sd.) -M.K GANDHI". A letter written by H.H Prince Rajaram Raje Saheb inviting Gandhiji to Thanjavur is in our records. Gandhi ji was