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Remembering H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle today (27/8/17) on his 18th Death Anniversary.

RajaShree Shrimant Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle of Sadar Mahal Palace, son of Shrimant Pratapa Simha Rajah Bhosle born on 30th September 1916 and he had his early education in the Maratha school and Kalyana Sundaram high school at Thanjavur, under Shri O.Appasamy Iyer, Linguist and scholar in English and French, Shree Rajam Iyengar B.A, B.T. headmaster, and the osophist Shri Sundaram headmaster, who taught mathematics & science, Shri Ulaganatha Pillai, Tamil Pandit etc. He was well versed in Tamil, English, Marathi and Hindi languages. As a descendant of Maharajah Serfoji II, he had more knowledge on the history of the Marathas of Maharashtra and Thanjavur. He was a political pensioner as per G.O 1913 and the senior most member in the Royal family. He was holding the position of board of Governor (Life) of the Saraswati Mahal Library and member (Treasure) of the Art gallery Thanjavur. He is a lover of Tanjore art and he himself worked on many royal portraits. He was interested

Prince Pratap Sinha RajeBhosle giving a copy of his book to State Agriculture Minister Durai Kannu and simultaneously been feliciated.

Posted by Prince Pratap Sinha RajeBhosle👇 Today met my dad's college friend DuraiKannu.,State Agriculture Minister and gave him the copy of my book. He honoured me not only for my lineage or for my by born rank but for independently writing a book on my ancestors and for my social work. He specified that while honouring me. Was feeling very proud and grateful to get feliciated at TamilNadu Secretariat (fort St.George). My Dad and Duraikannu uncle were 1971-73 B.A Economics batch graduated at  Rajah  Serfoji Government College,Thanjavur. Duraikannu uncle is one of the oldest and senior member in Aiadmk. He is in the party from Dr.MGR (former C.M of TN) period. Photo Caption: Pic taken while minister honouring me and i spontaneously giving a copy of my book to him.

Article on Thanjavur Maratha King Serfoji ll and his accomplishments in 20/8/17 Loksatta (maharashtra) newspaper

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More than 5 lakh manuscripts in Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal Library (TMSSML) had been digitilized, remaining under process. This inititative is happening with the collaboration of Tamil University,Thanjavur and Marathi Vikas Sanstha, Maharashtra. Article in Maharastra times newspaper (18/8/17) 👇👇

तंजावरमधील मराठा इतिहासावर पडणार प्रकाश ( आदित्य तानवडे। १८ ऑगस्ट २०१७ : महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स ) पुणे : तंजावरच्या (तमिळनाडू) मराठ्यांच्या इतिहासावर प्रकाश टाकणाऱ्या मोडी लिपीतील पाच लाख कागदपत्रांच्या डिजिटायजेशनची प्रक्रिया राज्य मराठी विकास संस्थेने पूर्ण केली आहे. लवकरच या कागदपत्रांचा सूचीखंड तयार करण्याचे काम हाती घेण्यात येणार आहे. या कागदपत्रांमधील अतिमहत्त्वाची कागदत्रे मराठी आणि इंग्रजी भाषेत येणार आहेत. या प्रकल्पामुळे तंजावरच्या मराठ्यांचा १८० वर्षांचा इतिहास प्रकाशात येणार आहे. तमीळ विद्यापीठ आणि राज्य मराठी विकास संस्थेच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने हा प्रकल्प हाती घेण्यात आला आहे. तंजावरमधील मराठी राज्यकर्त्यांच्या कारभाराची मोडी लिपीतील दहा लाख कागदपत्रे तमीळ विद्यापीठाकडे उपलब्ध होती. सुरक्षा आणि गुप्ततेच्या कारणास्तव ती कागदपत्रे प्रकाशात आणली जात नव्हती. राज्य सरकारने तमीळ विद्यापीठाशी करार करून त्या कागदपत्रांचे जतन आणि संवर्धन करण्याचा निर्णय घेतला. २०१३ मध्ये या प्रकल्पाला सुरुवात झाली असून, दहा लाखांपैकी पाच लाख कागदपत्रांचे जॅपनिज जतन प्रक्रियेद्वारे संवर्धन करण्या