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Young Teenage portrait of King Serfoji II.


Book On Thanjavur-Maratha royal family written by the young Prince of Thanjavur is available on 14th descendent of Thanjavur Maratha Royal family Prince Pratap Sinha Rajebhosle, also the sixth descendant of Maharaja Serfoji II and the son of Serfoji Rajah Bhosle (the elder son of Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle) has written a book on the Thanjavur-Maratha royal family that has some rare archival material in the form of photographs, illustrations and historical notes. Titled “Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings with a Brief History of Cholas and Nayakas,” the slim volume highlights the spirit of innovation that guided the monarchs in the fields of education, literature, and performing arts, among others, for more than 170 years. The book starts with a brief biography of the warrior king Chathrapathi Shivaji, and goes on to list the achievements of the Thanjavur royal family, from their golden period, to post-Independence India.
The role played by Cholas and Nayaka kings in t…
Prince. Pratap Sinha Rajebhosle visit with Baba Saheb Purandare at Pune.
Balwant Moreshwar Purandare ((born July 29, 1922, Pune), is a historian, writer and theatre personality from Maharashtra, India. His works are mostly based on the events related to the life of Shivaji, the 16th-century founder of the Maratha Empire; as a result he is sometimes termed as Shiv-Shahir ("Shivaji's bard"). He is mostly known for his popular play on Shivaji, Jaanta Raja which was popular not only in Maharashtra but also in Andhra Pradesh and Goa. Purandare has also studied the history of the Peshwas of Pune. He is also known for his significant contribution along with Madhav Deshpande & Madhav Mehere as senior party leaders in the early 70's of Shiv Sena along with Bal Thackeray. In 2015, he was awarded with Maharashtra Bhushan Award, Maharashtra's highest civilian award.