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VISIT OF SHRI. RAVINDRA SINGH SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF CULTURE   Central secretary, ministry of culture Shri. Ravindra singh I.A.S visited Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal Library (TMSSML) and Art gallery in the presence of Prince H.H Shivaji Rajah Bhosle, life member in the board of TMSSML on january 2015

media coverage of Dhar coronation ceremony. Photos of prince.Pratap sinha Rajebhosle of Thanjavur is seen in many Dhar local newspapers including Hindustan times, Times of india etc. the head gear seen in pink colour of prince pratap sinha raje is called "Mewadpagh". it belongs to sisodia clan from where chatrapathi shivaji the great belonged. chatrapathi shivaji's ansestors were migrated from mewar to the deccan. Chatrapathi Shivaji's ansestors were kshatriyas descended from the solar line of the rajput Rana's of mewar.

vintage photography. captions given as "scenery in thanjavur-south india". not sure about the location. if anyone knows the exact location of this 18th century amazing photograph please comment below.